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STEEL SAVIOUR   (PC - 2004):

Sound FX:        The sound effects are extremely satisfying. Although not booming and limited in variation, the rat-tat-tat of the weapons and the pleasant boinging sounds of the power-ups are just great. There is not much in the way of background ambient environmental noise, but given the pace of the action, you do not really miss it. The stereo effects are timely and very high quality, although 3D hardware surround sound is not evident.

Musical Score: The music in Steel Saviour is pounding and frenetic, certain to help keep your adrenaline pumping as you play. Each of the five levels has the action enhanced by an appropriate set of background tones. What you hear is electronic techno-rock, quite appropriate for this genre. The default volume never overwhelms the sound effects or distracts you from your shooting. The play experience would clearly be a lot less nerve-wracking without this background score. The high quality soundtrack even enhances the opening and closing two cinematic sequences.      



Musically, Steel Saviour is remarkably enjoyable. Especially during the game’s two cinematic sequences, the music is simply outstanding.


Subtle is a really important word here, as it also describes the aural experience. The soundtrack serves up an appropriate mix of electronic beats with organic sounds that really enhances the natural aesthetic of the levels, but does not draw a considerable amount of attention to itself. I think that the developer was really going for an organic feel to the game in how the aural and visual cues interacted with the environment, which is something they definitely succeeded at.




GEM SMASHER   (GBA - 2003):


Both songs and sound effects work well and while there's not a huge variety, the voice samples and music match the gameplay.




TSUNAMI 2265   (PC - 2002):


Musical Score: ..the score is wonderfully orchestrated and quickly changes in response to the action you see on the screen.


Sound: 8.6  -  The sound superbly captures the essence of a good Japanese anime and the proof is in the perfect soundtrack that runs throughout the game as well as the great voice acting and sound effects.  Its score is wonderfully orchestrated and swiftly changes at the drop of a hat when something of great importance occurs during mid-battle.



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